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Announcing: The Disney Animated Canonball, Season Four!

The Disney Animated Canonball continues on, without relent, without mercy, as Fox and I push onwards through watching every single Disney Animated Canon movie. And now we’ve hit this

See, Fox and I have watched all of the Disney Animated Canon, by volume. But we recorded our reactions and opinions on each, resulting in four (four!) seasons of a podcast where we talk one-by-one about each movie, putting it into context, with a conversation about what it’s like to be a long-term fan of these movies, and comments about missing things because you grew up in a cult.

This is Season 4, which covers us from The Little Mermaid all the way to the end of the 90s, through the period we call conventionally the Disney Rennaisance. It’s the culture of our childhoods, it’s the background radiation of all sorts of (white) millenials. This time around it’s eleven hours of podcast, so good for a long trip or just to pack out over time. Binge content!

Plus, this is the important bit, right? This is when they make huge movies, movies that set the culture in motion right? Well surely this should be non-stop praise and admiration. Right? Right?

You can get the podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Pocket Casts, and any other good podcasting service that’s checking the standard RSS feeds? And failing that, you can head to the website.

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