Enjoy Talen’s writing, but don’t like reading it on a webpage? Want a larger portion of the weekly reading? Here, enjoy!



One Stone

“That’s not what that means.”

Set in the strange world of Immortal Engine, One Stone is the story of the best assassin and the worst murderer in the wealthiest city in the world as they interfere with the affairs of kings.


Immortal Engine

A runaway slave punches guards, dinosaurs, God.

Immortal Engine is my first finished novel. Written as my 2013 Nanowrimo Project, it is an indulgent, tropey mess that plays with the strangeness we see in fantasy universes.


The Sixth Age of Sand

Where did magic go?

My second novel, The Sixth Age of Sand was written one week at a time in 2013. It’s a story in the Young Adult mould, about teenagers dealing with a mysterious event and suddenly gaining magical powers.


  1. Earl Ridgell

    To Talen Lee,
    Thank you for sharing two of the most enjoyable stories that I have read in many years! I am 57 now and started reading Doc Savage in third grade. I never stopped enjoying the fantasy/sci fi genres. In recent years, though, the stories are again becoming more like the pulp fiction of the 50’s. You, however, took the time to create a story that also spoke of humanity and the human condition. Most do not any more. For that I thank you. Earl Ridgell

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