Game Pile: A Mortician’s Tale

Content Warning: I talk about Death, Cancer, and Grieving in this one.

Dying At Distance: Grief In 2021 and A Mortician's Tale

No script for this one. I bulleted out some things I wanted to talk about, presented as follows:

  • As I play this
  • I have been thinking about this game a lot
  • Games let us play with ideas
    • Conventional horror lets us play with the idea of dying
    • This game wants you to play with the idea of grieving
  • We right now need new rituals
  • I have been untouched by the worst of the plague
  • I pledged to write about this game this year

I didn’t know if I should play this game this month. It’s not a dread thing. It’s not a horror game. In a way, it’s the exact opposite

  • When I started recording this footage, I was waiting to hear from someone who was in surgery.
  • They’re okay now
  • But the conversations going in were scary