What Shub-Niggurath Wants

To slay another man, that is not the sacrifice, nor even the death of the helpless – no, that horror is a human one, a mortal loss. The truest sacrifice, the death that resembles upon the tissues of the Black Goat’s eternal membranes and induces him to they he set in eternal circuits of ancient, abhorrent brain the sums and angles that do us simply as folding pipe based the matter of our universe

I have no fucking clue what I was working on when I wrote that. It’s all very spidery, and I seem to remember I was on the way home from work. I think maybe it was – oh, I remember now. It was about how the sacrifice that cultists make in Cthulu myths is not actually of humans, but rather is of their own self-image – that through debasement and self-destruction, they amuse the god.

Good grief, what gibberish.