TSW Twine Knick-Knack

Today I spent a little time while I was between classes making a little doohickey in Twine for roleplay in The Secret World. Specifically, I made this little toy, which isn’t actually the complete version. A superior version of the Orochi text, and the tech for doing mouseover hover text, has been written for me to use. This design, I then templated out and there are two other versions, for other characters to use.

Now here’s the whoopsie.

I made this knicknack for this character, Calden. I Built it, I uploaded the build, I was sure I saved… and then I closed it. But I didn’t save it, did I?

No, no I did not.

A bit embarassing!

I really do love these things though. I like that I can use this like a sort of wiki, able to flick back and forth in reference points, using previous(). I like that I can use mouseover alt-text to expand information for anyone interested in looking. And this is not really what I’d consider a ‘game’ but I did like making it, and I love how Twine made the whole process so simple.


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