The Fifth of July

The Fifth of July is the day that, in America, is the Fourth of July. This means I get to wake up and regard my internet feed as it fills with people I don’t know, telling me things that probably aren’t true about a place I don’t live. Imgur has been ripe for such conversations lately, in which of late I’ve been told that only Ron Paul Libertarians have a moral outlook on life, that the USA was the only force present on D-Day, that China is going to invade America, and that bacon was invented in Texas, all of which runs so close to the line of self-parody I’m not sure I can really regard it all as ironically over the top. It had me thinking that the internet culture is perhaps too used to unsubtle excess, indulged under a label of irony.

On the other hand, every time I go to try and say something on this blog, I feel like I’m either telling people things they already know, expressing no new idea, or I’m just providing a mouthpiece to an idea everyone is already sick of.

Happy Thursday.