The Eighth of July

Today, I woke up. I vacuumed the office (but not so well that Fox didn’t have to vacuum it again). I spoke to people who matter to me enormously. I resolved to make some changes, to try and make some space for myself. I talked to people, I resolved that, I washed up, and I cleaned the dishes thoroughly. Then, Pendix and Noir arrived, and we went to the store, where we had lunch, we filled the car with groceries and came home.

I cooked lamb shanks, braised in tomato gravy, with butter, garlic and onions, served with broccoli and corn. We sat, and we ate, and that brings us to what is, for me, the now.

We are watching My Neighbour Totoro. It’s some twenty minutes in and has comprised of large amounts of Faffing Around in the most charming of ways. It is lovely and it is sweet and we sit and watch in silence, soaking in the atmosphere, and the sound, the periods of silence and the lovely music. We are warm, we are with friends, we are sharing memories together. Memories of good food, of shared company, and of great movies and letting the worst of things lay so far away.

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