The Draft Bucket

I haven’t opened it up and looked into it often. Sometimes my drafts are just random subjects, with completely blank posts. I think part of that is a practice of hopeful inspiration: that whatever idea it was that inspired me to want to write about a thing will, itself, re-inspire me when I merely see the little totem of it I have left behind.

cheesegrater • Mitt Romney existed • Bayonetta’s Bum

In some cases they’re cryptic and I don’t know what they mean any more. They’re just little slivers of an idea without anything fleshing them out. They’re confusing, and remind me that I don’t really know myself as much as I might think I do. I mean, I can’t remember what I meant by a sentence when I wrote it, right?

how dare you • didn’t cry •  gamer •  asshole entitlement

There are some I don’t want to finish or post. They’re not timely any more. They’re reflective of an emotional state that doesn’t help anything. These sit in my draft bucket, reminding me that there are things I can’t say or do, opinions I can’t have. I’m really not sure what to do about these. Deleting them feels dishonest, but posting them doesn’t feel right.

pokken canon • #cancelcolbert • Allowed To Hate

Some things sit in the draft bucket because I don’t think I can flesh them out any more. They speak of an emotional state that I can’t quite grapple with. They’ve lost their window of time, I think. Really, I hesitated, and these works were lost. They’re sort of like an effort to be more than I am, to have an opinion that I feel should be respected, on something that matters. Those are things that I’m shying away from, more and more.

Maybe I’ll empty the bucket and start again. We’ll see.

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