MTG: Pet Cards V, Coldsnap

I almost forgot this one.

Coldsnap was the first draft format where I did well, and if I’m being honest, the only one where I did well. In fact, ‘well’ is possibly overstating things. Coldsnap is the first draft format I didn’t do terribly at. But in the time of 2-2-4-4  queues when the pros were just not interested in the format, I played a format few people liked with cards nobody was collecting, and I enjoyed myself.

Coldsnap hasn’t contributed a host of long-term constructed pets to my stable. Even with cards like Jotun Grunt and Earthen Goo getting whole decks to try and make them work, it just wasn’t a set full of my cards. There’s also Panglacial Wurm, a card that was pretty important in 5-colour magic because you always wanted to have it in your back pocket to make late game fetchlands into action, and also a judges’ nightmare. Still, when I think about what I did back in Coldsnap, I keep on coming back…

To this guy.

If you played Coldsnap Draft at the table with me, you probably never saw this. The only card I picked over it was Skred, and then I picked Snow Lands. I had one deck with seven snow lands, five Ronom Hulks and I didn’t care what else. There were people who made a fuss about the power of Ripple decks or Aurochs decks or blue-based control decks, but all I did, and all I needed to do to win more than I lost, was to make Ronom Hulks and serve.

Sadly, there’s no real place for the card outside of that format. Which is a bit of a bummer, because there just aren’t a lot of people doing Coldsnap drafts. Maybe I’ll find a home for it in a type of cube.



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