Lily X Blade LAUNCH!

Logo Wk3Welcome to Jordan Ketch Prefecture, the home to many schools with many clubs, with sports and distractions abounding for a young lady of a studious nature. But for all the ways a young woman can spend her time in the prefecture, not a one of the schools offers a club for those who long to feel the rush of battle – for those who wish to duel.

Aside from the auspices of schools, then, gathered a group of young women. Rules are drawn in secret, and blades are crossed. Their maxim? Duel anywhere, anytime.

Lily X Blade is a two player card game about the relationship between a gang of girls from different backgrounds, with common interests in sword fighting. It’s the result of my YuriJam project, with art by the obviously incredible Fox Lee, you can play it in about ten minutes and you can buy it right now on DriveThruCards!

first wheel small
The Primary Wheel contains the serene Rose, the sassy Neela, and the energetic duelist Saffi. Are you defensive? Do you like goading your opponent into a mistake? Or are you sure that an all-out offensive is the finest approach? Choose your duelist!

second wheel small
The Secondary Wheel brings with it the cryptic Yolanda, the brawler Chloe, and the cunning Ginny. Mixing elements of the previous set together, these girls add new options to play.

Get one and play with a friend! Get both and you and four other friends can play at once! And if you’ve endured this ad copy this far… thank you! Thank you for checking it out and giving this fun little card game your time!

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