June Shirt II: Magic: The Gathering Colour Emblems

One of my most popular blog posts is the post, No Magic Colour Is Transphobic, which combines Magic: the Gathering colours and factions with ways those groups can handle and respond positively to trans themes.

A few years ago, someone asked an important flavour developer for the game if there was a bias towards transphobia or trans acceptance in one colour or the other, and the weird thing is I don’t remember the actual answer to that, but it got me thinking about how it’s possible in every permutation or group to make a reasonable, in-character response to the question of gender identity that doesn’t make one colour ‘have’ to be ‘the transphobia colour.’

People have asked me to put those designs on shirts, and I’ve been working on that for a bit over a year. It’s trickier than it looks, and with five colours that can be combined five ways, and designs that can appear on light or dark colours, it means that any given idea for a single colour has fifty permutations which I then have to do across at least two sites, for a hundred uploads.

That’s no fun!

Anyway, I started with the five big ones. Here are the designs:

And here the designs are on our friendly gormless supposedly unisex Redbubble model:

And here’s the designs being modelled by the Teepublic ghost:

This design is available on a host of shirts and styles. The black outline version is fine for stickers, but the edgeless one is probably not. These designs are really big and chunky, so they occupy a lot of space on the chest.

Thanks to the colour scheme of the trans flag and the MTG colours, I feel a bit like it’s really best to put these designs on black or grey shirts, but I wanted to put that tool in your hand rather than try to make the decision myself. Make the choices you feel are best for you.

You can get this design on Redbubble or on Teepublic.