Game Pile: Assassins Creed Remaster

Let's Play And Talk About Assassins Creed Remastered

This month’s video is an experiment! I’ve done longer plays of games and recorded them – like the Space Quest and The Swindle long plays, and talked about them. I’m definitely interested in doing more long-play videos.

Well, what did I learn here?

  • Conventional full-screen movies are really big. This movie started out as a six gig recording, then a six gig handling file, and the final output was four gig.
  • A really big file is really slow to upload! It took a few days for me to get this thing up onto the internet, and I did this well in advance!
  • The OBS mic system, which records directly into the video of the gameplay, is a bit awkward because if I say something weird or wrong or get distracted and see it on the edit, I can’t really edit it.
  • That means doing test runs and speeches of the game can create problems, where I may mention something on one play through, and then find on the final, usable one I didn’t (which happened here)
  • I’m not comfortable talking over a computer game! I go quiet during the cut scenes!
  • Cut scenes need to have volume comparable to my own, to feel natural. I feel like this video asks people to turn it up for the cut scenes and then I’ll cut in and teaR THEIR EARS OPEN
  • The OBS mic is much hotter than my Audacity recording settings are set up.
  • The format – long forms of conversation over game video – is interesting and I like doing it. It’s certainly easy to edit compared to other work.

I don’t think this is a great video. I do think it’s a good lesson.

I think the single best video I had to work with was the loading screens from Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, that long looping idle. I liked using the trailer like I did in the Love is Strange video, but that’s more likely to get Youtube angry at me (like when I used footage from Final Fantasy 7‘s trailer). If I had a long Q&A subject on a game, this video format might be great.

Okay, so summary, good and bad:

  • Bad: I did a bad job of this, the mic is bad, and trying to talk at the same time got me distracted
  • Good: Recording footage of the game, and then examining that footage and commentating on it (as with Stimulated Recall) is interesting, and I don’t need to edit it aggressively

Fun experiment!

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