I am working at this point on multiple stories, novels, really. They’re short, they’re Young Adult Fiction, really, though perhaps One Stone will be a bit dirtier and feature more swearing than Sixth Age. When you release work like this, you have more or less definitively given up on making that work into something professional – publishers don’t want work that’s already out there for free.

I’m not on Patreon. I’ve considered it, but I always quail at the thought, because I know that I don’t have an audience. I have friends. Friends read my stuff, sometimes, and they care about it, sometimes. This is the current quandrary I have. I have met now famous web authors, and dealt with people who have pre-existing audiences that let them take a step around the conventional system of employment.

I’ve wondered about it.

I’ve also wondered about just biting the bullet and writing dirty novellas for online publishers again. The main difference between those books and the ones I’m already working on is that I would avoid doing is sharing that work with anyone I know. Strange, isn’t it? The work I make right now, I share with my friends and want to hear from my audience and wish to feel feedback and know that my work was enjoyed. Porn… well, porn is a different beast. I have come to think I don’t want to hear what my friends think of the pornography I write.

Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts.

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