HACK! Cute Programmers’ Club, Season 1

Generally I’m self-important enough about my writing to try and make sure the things I do seem more worthy than they are. You know, original serious adult fiction is better than Young Adult Fiction, but Young Adult Fiction is better than fan fiction and fanfiction of things that are important like the Bible and Shakespeare are okay, but things like fanfiction of videogames are silly, and so on down.

Well, I hit a new low today. Behold: Fanfiction of twitter accounts!

HACK! Cute Programmers’ Club, Season 1

Episode 1
Let’s Program A Club!
Mispy is a cute teenaged programmer who performs poorly at school. When learning that after-school activities are going to be folded into his grades, he realises he needs to find a club to join! But the Senior Programmer’s Club is closed to his year – so the shy and anxious boy has to put together a charter and find at least three founding members! A cowgirl, a Canadian, and a K-Pop addict come together – but can they overcome their shyness?

Episode 2
A Thief?
Small things have gone missing around the club headquarters. Emi suggests that there are fairies, while Ael fears a thief. Mispy suggests a better lock for the door – but the thief is still so cunning! What are they going to do when they catch them, and find they’re quite sweet and would like to be a programmer, even if they doesn’t know how yet. But they can pick locks and pockets!

Episode 3
Senpai Noticed My Code!
A very sleepy Mispy has been leaving snippets of code on school computers without realising it. While his friends try to make him sleep more healthily, it comes to a head when he recognises his code being used in a Senior Programming Club presentation – by aloof programming badass Oh-Ex!

Episode 4
The Sound Stage!
The Programming Club have created a program for analysing voice patterns, but they can’t get a quiet recording. What to do, but to sneak over to the Theatre Club and use their Quiet Room, after hours – but the Theatre Club’s chief carpenter seems to always be there! He’s scary!

Episode 5
Shuffles Is A Senior?!
Why is Shuffles hanging out with the Senior Programming Club? The Club members are confused at their friend missing club meetings to hang out with the Senior Programmers – the badass Oh-Ex, the stern Yuki, the intimidating but lovely Rich, Bob, and the bassist thug Foxadon. Mispy, Emi, Demi and Ael spend a day trying to sneak around and find what Shuffles is up to!

Episode 6
The Mysterious Hacker!
When the club meet and find all their computers running a different OS, the question of how can’t be answered! Emi wants to find and ‘hornswaggle’ the mysterious hacker responsible, while Mispy and Shuffles conspire together to create a tracer program to hunt the hacker down! But when they do –

Episode 7
The Hacker Is Who?!
– The Hack! Club find that the hacker is a junior! Catherine, embarassed at having been caught, explains how she’s interested in joining the Club, but can’t! Can the club arrange to change the charter, jail-break the Principal’s phone remotely, and sneak Catherine out of the club room without anybody noticing?

Episode 8
How Could He Program This?
Mispy and Shuffles talk to Cory, the Theatre Club carpenter, about making customised chairs for the club as a surprise. Meanwhile, Emi and Ael talk with their friend Cory, who’s transferring to the school soon, online, who wants to submit his program for the club to review! When the chairs and the code arrive at the same day, both signed ‘Cory,’ everything gets very confusing!

Episode 9
The Hackathon
Staying awake for twenty-four hours is easy! But doing it in a crowded presentation hall, putting together a miraculous new home database program, while other programmers drift around, and try to socialise, and even a presenter from television! What’s more, some graduates who have moved on to programming careers, including MCC111, are in attendance, and the Senior Programming Club as well! Aaaah, panic!

Episode 10
Cupid 2.0!
The ever-stern senior programmer Yuki hangs around outside the club meeting, clouded and cranky, and nobody has the courage to ask her why! But when they finally do, Mispy gets to the bottom of the problem. Yuki’s in love – with a junior classmate. She wants to talk to Catherine, to try and make contact with the girl known to her classmates as ‘The Anarchy Fairy!’

Episode 11
Outside?! Really?!
A slab of code on git seems to do what the club wants it to do, but the documentation is all in French! What’s worse, it’s just impossible to run through Google Translate, which really, should just not be allowed. Thus, the club breaks up in to ‘tiger team’ squads to try and find someone who can speak – and read! – French! Hijinks at the mall as the Club ask a reptile enthusiast, a sweet foreign kohai and a witch, and maybe learn a surprising bit of French!

Episode 12
Filler Episode
“Ever noticed how they run out of money?” Emi asks one morning, when the air conditioning breaks and makes it too hot for the computers to run. The Club sit around in the room, very still, talking about the events of the last semester – and how glad they are to be around one another now.

Episode 13
Christmas Special!
“I don’t celebrate Christmas,” said the words on the whiteboard. But despite the club policy away from it, it seems that everyone is working on secret presents to give to one another! But the Senior Programmers’ club has even invited each Club member along to a Christmas party – and nobody wants to betray the club by attending!


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