Decemberween: Simon Pampena

The Legend of Question Six - Numberphile

Look, I’m going to tell you up front a harsh truth: Your Australian accent sucks.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a chance you’re an Australian and you’re reading this, okay, you know I don’t mean you. I mean, my Australian accent sucks, but that’s a weird cult artifact. Point is, for the majority of my audience, that think they do an ‘Australian accent,’ no, you don’t, and your attempts to do so don’t sound like an Australian accent. I can be very confident about this, statistically.

It means when you do hear an Australian accent in other sources, it often stands out. Now, you might know already that Brady Haran, who I will always know by his Google Name that I use to find that surname, “Brady Numberphile” is Australian, but most of his work in his establishing days was being done up in Nottingham University and surrounds. That meant chemistry work and physics works with an array of United Kingdom accents, and of course, people who came to Nottingham to study.

And then, I saw that he did videos with Simon Pampena.

Now look, I don’t know Simon. Not personally. It’s a big island, we haven’t bumped into each other. He’s an Australian Mathematics Ambassador. It is literally his job to make media that gets people interested in mathematics, to see how numbers and systems relate to one another, and… I just really like his work? There’s a range of stuff he does, podcasts and presentations and TV shows and whatnot, and like…

This is just something I find really fun. Interesting stories about events in mathematics (like the Legend of Question Six, presented here) and ways that straight lines can slowly be transformed into circles and ways that primes and sets can be manipulated around one another. He does stuff with Brady Google The Surname Again over on Numberphile, he does long form explainers, and he’s really interesting.

Plus, you probably won’t hear an accent like his very often.

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