Decemberween: Robert Miles’ Youtube Channel

Look, this is a subject that is a little spooky. The idea is AI Safety, which is the question of ‘how do we make AI in a way that won’t go disastrously wrong.’ You may know this idea from other concepts like Roko’s Basilisk and the like, where people tend to reinvent calvinism. Those people, typically, are goofballs, at the best.

Also, AI Safety is one of those Big Word Dangerous Complex problems that can get a bit anxiety instilling. Like the idea of human immortality, there’s a possibility that the idea of the conversation around it just inspires a sort of doomy feeling. Don’t go exploring it if it upsets you.

But if you find the idea of the ways AI gets weird and treats incentive systems strangely, and how hard it is to make things that can be ethical when we can’t communicate ethics to ourselves, Robert Miles has a bunch of really fun videos with a lovely, charming and simplified aesthetic that breaks down some of these complicated problems without being a total weirdo about it.

Check him out!