Decemberween: Puppet History!

Man, I watch a lot of educational media that’s not quite kid friendly?

The World's Greatest/Rudest Samurai • Puppet History

Puppet History is a project by the spooky boys formerly of Buzzfeed Unsolved, Shane Madej and Ryan Bergara. It’s a pretty straightforward bit: A history lesson about a real thing that happened, but presented to a pair of adults with swears and honest recognition of how ridiculous some stuff is. It’s one of my favourite things, where ‘real things and learning’ are not framed as the opposition to ‘fun.’

There is a content warning, I guess. I’ve seen some complaints about the episode on Hatchepsut, where a human who existed three and a half thousand years ago across multiple cultural barriers, reads very clearly as trans to some people with things like changing name and (maybe?) getting statues made with beards, but the Puppet History lads still refer to them with their prior name and gender. I’m sympathetic to both sides of things, where almost all our sources on the individual are filtered through English Pith-Helmeted Mustached I Say Whot Whot era of exploration, but also I can equally understand why when dealing with a historical figure who didn’t use the same languages for ideas like we did and where we don’t even know what we can say about their language, it can be… tricky to simply say ‘he’s trans, dude.’

If you want to check it out, stick it on the TV and just let it play while you do other December stuff around it, here’s a playlist.