Today’s pointless complaint du jour is that there’s no Steam port of the game Syndicate, a game that I am only vaguely sure I’d like to play. It apparently has some very strong character writing, even if it is a little obvious and is a relatively fun shooter. It’s the sort of game that I’d slip on my steam Wishlist and maybe pick up at some point in the future when a new game comes out and Syndicate‘s price skirts down into the territory of forgiveable.

I find that it’s not for sale on Steam because Origin. Then I find that the game isn’t available for rent in my area because we don’t have a game rental company around here. AND THEN Then I find that the game was refused classification here because of our archaic censorship standards, since it was submitted before the R18+ rating was instated.

I feel a little bit thwarted by obscure and stupid rules in a corporate-dominated society, which I guess is the closest I’ll get to testing out the Syndicate experience, so two thumbs up for that, I suppose.

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