What Is ‘One Stone?’

Did you read my Nanowrimo novel, Immortal Engine? A story set in a patchwork fantasy kingdom, with firearms, mechanised knights, alchemical superpowers, an oppressive church and freaking dinosaurs, the story was lauded with such sterling praise as It Was Better Than I Expected, and At No Point Reading It, Did I Want To Stop.

Do you like stories about stylish assassins, scrappy badasses, repentant priests, inheritance, backstabbing political families, confused allgeiances, the rise of a king, the swaying of a crowd, and the many interesting ways in which a person can be killed?

Do you want to hear the story of General Yull Bachthane, the Roaring Lion and his campaign against the enemies of Timotiria? Do you want to hear the story of the city of Timotiria, the Kingless State and centerpiece of the many noble families, from the four major families of Chilver, Dulf, Rangst and Gorange? Do you want to hear the story of Aderyn Dulthane, a minor noblewoman from a tiny little corner of the rainiest kingdom under Timotiria’s control, who’s just a day or two away from graduating from her finishing exams at the Guild Of Assassins? Do you want to hear the story about Raff, known to the people of the prison where he’s found as The Worst Murderer In Timotiria? Are you interested in language puns and seeing me massively overusing thematic imagery?

The schedule is planned for a chapter every week.

Hope you’ll read along!