Uni Students Under Pressure

There’s this strange phenomenon amongst the people I hang around, where everyone knows we can do what we want to do better if we’re more disciplined, more structured, if we do things differently, and then we steadfastly refuse to do them that way. I say we, but really this seems to be a problem from outside of me. I’m not sure what will improve my work, right now, because the one thing I seem to be good at is hitting my goals. I wanted to write a book last year, and I wrote two. I wanted to do well in my uni work, and I did. Last year, I lost two pets and a grandma, and had five people in my family come down with cancer and I still came out of it okay. Sure, I show the cracks, but those cracks are in me – they aren’t in my work.

With a new Uni Semester stretching out ahead of me, and with a few folk I know going into their new semesters, here’s what I’m going to recommend; get the syllabus, get a calendar, and look at when the assessments are going to happen. You know your crunch time ahead of time. You know when things are going to kick you in the ass, because they’ve told us when they’ll do it. You don’t have to do your essay today, but if you leave it until the last minute, and I have to hear you complaining about it, I’m going to have a very hard time not yelling at you.

We know our assessments ahead of time. We know our teachers. We know what will be expected of us. They put this information in front of us now – so use it.

(Irony points: I haven’t done this yet, because I only just reconnected to the internet at all.)