The S’Moreo

I’ve mentioned this to a few people on twitter, and the recipe can be boiled down to a tweet. Maybe tomorrow if I find some Oreos on sale I’ll pick them up and make a photo guide. Anyway, the S’moreo is an expanded version of the Oreo for people who eat Oreos and think to themselves: This just isn’t enough sugar and processed excess.

To make a S’moreo you will need a marshmallow, a chocolate button and at least two Oreo cookies, because you have no self control. Admit it.

  • Take one Oreo, and twist it in half.
  • Don’t eat it.
  • What did I just tell you?
  • Sigh.
  • Okay let’s start again.
  • Take one Oreo, and twist it in half.
  • Take a marshmallow and put it on the biscuit with less icing.
  • Take a chocolate button and put it on the marshmallow.
  • Take the other half of the Oreo-
  • You ate it didn’t you.
  • God damnit.
  • Okay, do all those things again and stop eating them while I’m talking to you okay?
  • THEN, put the icing’d up Oreo on top of your stack of marshmallow and chocolate.
  • Then get a cup of water, and put it, and your Oreo stack into the microwave for about thirty seconds.
  • Tada! Done! You now have a S’moreo. It will be hot and gooey and – oh god don’t just shove it into your mouth!

The water does not have to touch the Oreo, nor do you need to put the Oreo near the cup of water. The water steams the marshmallow so it goes soft without making the cookie hard, and by sandwiching it in warm stuff, the chocolate should also melt. I advise making four or five of them at once, but no more, because you are at this point basically one step away from just mainlining glucose into your wrist.