The Scale of the Pile

Last night, in an attempt to become more organised I sat down and considered my entire Steam and Gog collection of games. This wasn’t, by any means, the limit of my game collection – after all, I had Ghost Trick in the game pile all the way back at the start, and that game came out on the NDS. It’s on the iOS store too, if you’re curious. Anyway, I sat down to try and consider my game pile, which, when I started it, was about three hundred games strong.

It’s now somewhere around four hundred and eighty. I’ve played quite a bit of my Game Pile. I’ve enjoyed it. I haven’t written about everything I’ve played, though. I didn’t write anything about Pokemon XY because there’s nothing meaningful to say. I don’t think I have any insights into it. I don’t think I can make you care about my exploits there any more than I can convince you that you should try it. I don’t think I’ll ever write about Xcom either, because I know the only reason I haven’t ‘gotten into it’ is because I haven’t tried very hard. It’s a big game. It needs a bit of time around it. I don’t have that luxury right now.

At this point, I’ve reviewed about eighty games and I’ve dismissed a few out of the pile as well. There are some games where I don’t think there’s any point my explaining them either.

I’ve come to think that the Quest for Glory retrospective is a thing I should definitely do for future months like July, with the exams and the final essays coming. Being able to spend my birthday month farting around was kinda cool, but ultimately, I think I need to use those breathers more carefully.


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