Game Pile: Backwater

You Should Check Out Backwater

Thumbnail and outline below the fold!

what’s its appeal
the vibes are:

  • american gothic
  • disclaimer about not being a true expert
  • There’s always a challenge when we talk about authenticity
    I can’t really tell you, honestly, about what American Gothic should be. I can tell you how it’s regarded, I can point to common signifiers
  • Post-apocalyptic future horror american gothic
  • the imposition of specific roles

the mechanics are:

I do not mean to damn this game with the comparison, but the engine feels to me like D&D’s second draft’s second draft. It’s a multi-attribute, derived-values kind of system that wants a D20.

I’d say it has the shape of someone who likes D20 and D&D style game mechanics, but would prefer them to be simplified. The same ‘d20 and a bunch of result dice,’ but without esoteric, obscure systems

World, setting

who makes it and who chooses

evil as the result of an agent

the current kickstarter

What are the enemies?