Spaceport Notes

Hah, hey, here’s hoping I get to this before it publishes. If I don’t, oh well, naked notes:

  • Events need to be split into the game-enders, but also the actual events
  • Pincher is too good
  • Patches is too weak
  • Crew are probably overpriced by a touch
  • Facilities are probably overcosted and overcommon
  • Facilites are not good redundant
  • A-class ships need a check to make them nicer
  • Taxes are too harsh
  • Consider caps rather than levies
  • There needs to be a crew tax to go with the others
  • Taxes hitting highest value hit the player just after they’re paid
  • Crew are too vital and people get attached
  • Crew need a way to recover, like a transport ship
  • The victory sets should be ‘missions’
  • Consider more contracts
  • Off-turn earning
  • The nanoplex is literally pointless
  • The world comes across well! Players could get a feel for it.
  • Giving players ways to hurt the empire that are more satisfying is good
  • Wrecks are good, and interesting.
  • Intercepting in others’ turns is a good idea
  • Maybe more contracts on events

What’s this mean? Well, you’ll have to keep an eye out for when Sector 86 launches in the coming months!

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