If I were Peter Molyneux 13

A 2-dimensional platform videogame with super-simplistic visual elements, ideally all characters represented by stick figures. The primary mechanic is various pools of things, or things that give off particular odours that let the player activate or create a variety of behaviours in those surrounding them. If the player runs through a puddle of Green, they will waft with waves of green, which will make the red people avoid them, allowing them to direct guards or impediments away. But green attracts both yellow and blue things. Smells will be coded to colours, but represented by different things. Yellow and Blue may be water and cheese, but together be vomit (parmesan?). Either way, getting a new smell would add to the existing smell, and you’d need to rinse off to get rid of the smell entirely.

I call it Stink Figures.

Huh! Tomorrow’s story will be post #200.

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