Returning To Places That Never Left

My main PC, the one with a large monitor that I mainly use to do everything has been bricked for a few weeks now – I think only two, but enough that it fit the recurrent theme that every year near my birthday, things break.

Fox had popped open my computer to vacuum out the insides, and I was at Uni – the fan broke, and so my computer wouldn’t boot. It was just a matter of finding a cheap fan and replacing the broken one, so no big deal. I after all did document syncs regularly so my two computers could operate in tandem, so it wasn’t like I missed anything.

Holy crap is that wrong!

It’s really eerie to return to a familiar place that was arrested like that. The incoming directory – where random stuff gets saved before I find it a home – was full of these interesting images I didn’t really know what to do with. There’s a shortcut for a game I don’t remember installing, but didn’t have on my laptop. And because my computer’s been cleaned out, some ports that weren’t working started.

It’s weird.

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