Last day of Class for this Semester

There was my last class, over, as I work out the last of my math problems. I learned a fellow classmate – and friend, sorta! – is going to drop out of the class when the exams are over, and start working for the army, using his trilingual ability (Russian and Mandarin) to hopefully get a job in engineering or intelligence. Tiny little flag-waggle.

I did get to see my classmates presenting a perspective for their language-and-literacy essays, to answer their questions, and what really resonates with me in hindsight is just how many of them did it badly. Not just ‘awkward at presentation,’ but actively bad. How many of my classmates, when presented with questions on topics that they had been researching couldn’t answer even the most basic questions.

It’s a little weird. The big stand-out was the attitude towards video games, from a classroom full of mothers. I wonder if I should go on on this topic.