Keeping My Mouth Shut

Right now there are a few drafts sitting in my queue. I try to make sure this blog is a mix of things; videogame stuff, fiction stuff, thoughtful pieces, emotional pieces, and short fiction. I don’t like the idea – or the feeling – that I’m a one-note voice, that I am a person who can be reduced to a singular narrow field of expertise. I don’t feel expert in anything I do, so if I limited myself like that, I’d multiply my incompetence. Better to be at least trying a lot of things.

Thing is, I haven’t been saying much lately outside of One Stone and Game Pile updates. Because gosh, the world has been doing what it can to make the only things on my mind controversial or depressing.

I’m working through some of this stuff in the pile, but jeeze. It’d be nice to write about goofy fun things or maybe go deeper in the pile on some videogame or other.

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