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I like science. I really do! I like the things it’s made, I like it as a method for considering the world, I think objective observation has more use for my life than almost all other world views. And I should know, I’ve tried the alternatives. However, there’s something that’s kinda getting on my wick lately about other science fans.

See, in sixth grade, you learn that gravity is how earth holds onto you, and things fall at ten meters per second per second. You maybe get a bit of acceleration study in there, air resistance comes up. Then in seventh or eighth grade, they clarify that it’s actually nine point something. Then in tenth grade as you get into relativity, you learn that it’s about nine point something on a mountaintop and nine point something else at the bottom of the ocean. Then you graduate and you sit down with actual college-level physics and learn that well, really, gravity doesn’t seem to work when you get small and it’s more a sort of general impression everything is willing to go along with while you’ve got enough mass kicking around, and there’s too much of it and we don’t know why and we can use it to look behind black holes, and we kinda can’t prove black holes but we can definitely prove black holes and and and.

Now then.

In sixth grade, you learn that boys have an XY chromosome and girls have an XX chromosome.

And that, it seems, is where a lot of science fans just seem to stop. That drives me bananas. How is it possible for these knuckleheads to see the slowly expanding complexity of the studies of physics, of chemistry, of geography and politics, and assume that no, nope, biology’s stuck around that point, we’re done and don’t need to learn any more. Physics is generally hailed, after mathematics, as being the purest and simplest science, and we still teach stunted versions of it to people in high school to gear them up for the more complicated versions of it. Why then do you buttheads assert that your 13-year-old understanding of one of the most complex wings of science is simple and easily true?

Frigging fake science geek boys.

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