I don’t like writing about Nothing. That’s a card you can only play once. What this means is that as I get close to (self-appointed) deadlines, what comes out must often substitute in emotional honesty for what it lacks in thought. Like tonight.

I got a pair of bluetooth headphones for Christmas last year. I didn’t realise it at the time, but when I unwrapped them, I was really… happy? I don’t normally react to physical objects like this. I also got a Yeti microphone, which I’ve been using constantly since (and it’s amazing). I took a picture of the headphones, and I even shared a selfie with a friend wearing them.

They didn’t work. I had to return them.

I really, really miss those headphones. I didn’t like how they didn’t work. I wasn’t even all that attached to the way they worked with my bluetooth devices! But for some reason, those physical things, the headphones I took a picture of, and shared with I think two people? They were something that I felt good about, like a good outfit, or a good hair style.

It’s very strange, to me. I don’t normally ever have that feeling.

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