Guns and Privacy, Woo!

In the Trayvon Martin shooting case, Zimmerman’s lawyer wants to subpoena the medical records, twitter account and facebook account of the woman Martin spoke to on the phone before he was shot, to ‘investigate her.’ They have the record of the call, the audio – but it seems they want to know how many secret gangleaders she’s retweeted, or how many revolutionaries she’s friended on facebook.

There’s no real comment or message here. A comment only on the American Justice system. The sticking point is that Zimmerman’s lawyer has tried to obtain her medical records before, to be stymied by the fact that she doesn’t have any.

I don’t mean to contribute to the voices trying Zimmerman, mind you. It’s a possibility that his version of events is true (though I feel it unlikely). It bothers me more that they want to obtain the facebook and twitter records of a witness – to what end? What possible use could that information be put beyond finding a way to smear?

One final interesting thing, though: Zimmerman has chosen to not select the Stand Your Ground defence and will instead simply claim self defense. Remembering that he pursued Martin down an alleyway, and instigated all involvement with Martin, I wonder if it will still be considered an acceptable escalation to draw a gun when Martin beat him up (for chasing him down an alleyway and threatening him).