A Stupid Youtube Comment

I make a point of not commenting on youtube. It’s a format without any hope of discourse or illumination unless you want the finer points of redstone wiring technique. When I saw this:

“I think sometimes we get carried away on taxes here. Of course the rich? should pay a higher percentage but we can’t tax them to oblivion.”

The thing is, America seems to have become a society so large and so global that it’s not possible for the culture to extract taxes from those who benefit from the infrastructure of the nation. Companies can move to countries that don’t tax at the same rate, can always optimise their costs, meaning that the company‘s infrastructure which provides jobs and money into its own economy; the government then has to pay the company to keep that infrastructure!

The whole scenario is ludicrous, and I wonder if it’s a byproduct of just having a certain critical mass of money in an economy.


  1. Further evidence of my presiding belief that when the average American says “here”, their only basis for “there” is a cartoon they once saw.

  2. Cook the rich
    Feed the poor
    … inoculate against Kuru in the middle there.

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