Digital Phoenix!

Okay, so I’ve got my computer back online. By ‘I,’ by the way, I want to make it clear that the majority of the problem was handled by Fox, who did the hardware diagnostics, isolated the problem as being situated on my new SSD, and handed all the appropriate information in to the warranty service, which meant I was only offline for about a week and a half.

Thing is, during that time? My laptop also fell over, I suspect from earlier problems finally coming to a head. Then my mobile phone broke.

Thanks to a generous gift from a wonderful friend, however, I’m back online. I’m able to talk again. I can create.

Now I’m noticing an odd habit: Because both computers went down at the same time, I lost all my sync data and now I’m reconstructing my bookmarks. There are webpages I was checking every day that I didn’t bookmark – for months at a time, I’d just typed in the URL, over and over again.

That, I am sure, is pretty weird behaviour.

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