Decemberween: The Exploring Series

Playlist: Exploring the SCP Foundation

Earlier this year I got some thoughts out there about how communal writing on an internet platform is a type of Videogame (nyah Miri), and used as my example the horror wiki, The SCP Wiki. This involved doing a bunch of research into the platform, which I didn’t do by just mashing the random or top ranked buttons – I went to TVTropes (which can be a bit dire) and checked out Youtube. Some of those Youtube sources I find extremely unpleasant, and won’t link for various reasons, but I did find this pleasantly straightforward, relatively clear explainer series, the SCP Universe Explored.

It isn’t by any means a perfect listen; the topics the channel focuses on are sometimes those I find the most boring, like pataphysics or the Oroborous Cycle and X-men-a-like canons. But it still does cover a breadth of topics, and does a reasonably decent job bringing together posts that reference the same ideas without requiring you to do a spiderweb hunt through the whole wiki.

It’s pretty weird that youtube has people on it whose whole contribution to the format is essentially podcasts made up of simplified reading of a free wiki service, but here we are.

If you want a way to check out the SCP universe in a fairly broad way, this channel does a good job at being a podcast covering the topics.