Decemberween: Some Music!

I did not know, until this year, that ‘Cover Youtube’ was a thing. I was vaguely aware that ‘original gaming music’ youtube was a thing, thanks to Miracle of Sound, who I found from the Escapist, and boy, isn’t that a rollercoaster.

Anyway, this year I’ve been enjoying discovering the music of a couple of different Youtube creators. Particularly, this year I found The Stupendium:

The Stupendium apparently considers himself a animator primarily, and like, well, great to have this as a side gig.

I also learned about Annapantsu:

Who in turn got me to check out Cami-Cat;

Where I learned that she also worked with the Stupendium on one of my favourite songs of his:

And also had me checking out Caleb Hyles and Jonathan Young;

And then I learned that these all also intersect with the work of Christina Vee;

Who I also know as a Sailor Moon voice actress, and oh, yeah, also, this:

There is also the work of Calliope Mori, but I’ve only really liked one of her songs, but I have enjoyed seeing bits of her working on music as a vtuber.

So yeah! There’s some stuff I listened to and liked this year! Check them out, subscribe to them and if you can, buy their music or tip them on ko-fi/patreon or whatever if you like their stuff.


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