Decemberween 2022: Casual Geographic

Yeah I’m late to the party here, no I don’t care.

How One Animal Glitched The System

This channel, which I only know as mndiaye_97, because quite frankly time spent investigating all the personal details of these creators in the name of blog articles inevitably brings to my attention something that I don’t want to know and then I feel obligated to report on it, is one of those great examples of Tiktok deforming media structures. It’s a bunch of tiktok styled media, with the tools for remixing the program gives you, the awkward angled cutoff, high-speed delivery and focus on the spectacle rather than long-form detail and oh my god I’m trying to copy his speaking style, this is all one sentence isn’t it oh god how do I break out of th

Anyway, I like this channel. It’s full of animal facts. It’s fun. It’s also bleak and dark, because it’s a bunch of animal facts that in many cases, suck and are violent. But it’s still engaging as hell to me to hear about squids and octopi and the occasional weird looking things a hippo or a coyote or a donkey does. Plus I really like the way it doesn’t fixate on a Formal Presentation Style and instead it’s talking about things in a way that demonstrates mastery of a topic without complying with an idea of ‘proper’ terminology.

In October 2021, Casual Geographic mentioned ‘Thank you so much for one million!!’ and when I read that in May, they were at two million. Six months for a million subscribers, that seems a nice rate.

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