Days Unposted

Writing something every day is a practice. I seek to become the kind of person to whom the practice, the habit of writing becomes so fundamental that there is no day that passes without the effort being made to put some words onto paper. Now, that’s not to say I haven’t written anything in the past few days – while Friday’s rather terrifying headache imposed itself in my homework, I still got work done and still got words onto paper.

I have a structure for my Language and Literacy essay – I still haven’t started for my Humanities one, though. It’s bit by bit in this work – I’m trying to make sure I contribute a little to that every week, too. Journal articles were this week – and the next week I’m going to try and get the selected readings done of the book I was going to use for my essay.

Of course, the thing I wrote yesterday, while fiction, and quite lengthy, I cannot share, for it is dirty, and for someone else.

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