Creative Writing Class Stuff

For Creative writing today we did two things – one of which feels unseemly or seems unfeely to gloat about. The other was to do a writing exercise, writing down introductory sentences to stories, ideally the same story. Here, then, without varnish, is my homework:

  • I reflected upon the mirror of myself while we rode downhil, amongst the blood and screaming, how transitions such as these should be exciting and not so marked by a dull pout.
  • Why does everyone seem to think so little of beige?
  • Upon the shoulders of one young man falls a burden seen only by himself, invisible to those who crafted it.
  • The perimeter of the suburb had been every bit as flat as Engadine had been not.
  • Chickens, nurses, rain, as a man walked into a bush.
  • If only my faith had been lost the night my silver chain broke in the scuffle, sending its crucifix to the ground between my feet and those of the pastor’s eldest.
  • “No,” I insisted again, “Aslan is not an allergory.”
  • Was there anything left to move but those rust-tainted drips of brackish water?


  1. Chyron HR

    “Their love had gone bad, like old cheese, but not the kind of cheese that’s supposed to be all stinky, the other kind.”

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