Celebrating Talen’s Birthday, 2022

Hey, it’s my birthday! If you’re into wishlists, I have a Steam Wishlist and Gift Hero wishlist. I don’t know how useful that is to you, I don’t mind if you don’t want to get me anything, I don’t think you should. My birthday is just a day, and I don’t expect to get cool toys out of it, and I don’t think you owe me anything.



If you want to get me something, and you don’t want to spend any money today (good!), then I’d appreciate it if you could do me a favour and bring me a link to something you want me to look at, and add to that a short description of why you want me to look at it.

Yeah, do some of my research and discovery for me.

That does make this, if you are one of the people who considers me your Warlock Patron, technically some kind of Unholy Day. In deference to that, your Canian summons will be particularly friendly, and whatever spicy sauces you use will be critical hits.

It’s wild to think about how I have at this point in my life, like, lore? Like there’s a backstory to this online character, this personality that people know, and what’s more, it feels like it’s reasonably consistent? Obviously, there’s a measure of change over time; jokes of certain types, insults of certain types, even ideas I promoted. I wasn’t as Anti-Cop as I am now.

I guess I’d say the process of writing every day for a tiny niche audience has radicalised me.

I do have something of a request for you, this day. It’s not a big one and it isn’t urgent, and if you see this on another day, or if you find this reading back on it, it’ll make me happy now.

Think of someone who makes stuff on the internet that you don’t have to pay for, and thank them.

It isn’t a big deal. It isn’t necessary.

But if on my birthday, a lot of people who make things – even just Good Tweeters – hear from people who like their work honestly? I think that’d be a nice way to commemorate the day, for me.