Ah, Nostalgia

Shovelware! DRM! Microtransactions! Free to play! Videogames these days are terrible, and they’re terrible because of these totally new things that didn’t exist, back in the halcyon days of old Videogames. We didn’t have to deal with these terrible things and that’s why we should be mining our nostalgia as hardcore as we possibly can, unless we’re direly offended by the price of buying things you already bought. Still, back in the day

…back in the day, you could play a whole chapter of Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, and Catacomb Abyss for free but if you wanted all the stuff you had to pay for it

…back in the day, adventure games were deliberately made impenetrable with the hopes to sell time on an actual fucking hint line

…back in the day, you got tie-in games that were made without any relation to the tie-in material at all

…back in the day, you had titanic companies controlling software markets through proprietary software access and demanding that whole nations fall to that company’s individual vision for how games should be made

…back in the day, you got physical manuals you had to check so the game would even launch, and some of them were positively mendacious about deleting things if you got it wrong

But hey, all the old problems are new again, and this time, they’re the worst thing ever.

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