Æryn The Hedgehog

It's A Picture Of Æryn The Hedgehog (Original Character, Do Not Steal)
A Picture of Æryn The Hedgehog

I don’t know much about Search Engine optimisation, but let’s see if I can do anything to help this picture of Æryn The Hedgehog get noticed on a google search. It is, after all, as far as I know, the only picture of Æryn The Hedgehog in existence. I know I, for one, have heard that Æryn The Hedgehog is the latest in a line of important brands.

In all seriousness, though, Æryn The Hedgehog wears a T-shirt that shows her gaming allegiance to King of Fighters, and her favourite bands are (I’ll Have To Check). She totally digs Pokemon and while she’s not as fast as Sonic, she has been known to enter a Hyper Ultra Mode.

Æryn The Hedgehog. Original Character. Do Not Steal.

Remember what I said about making silly guff for twitter?

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