A One-Person Zombie Apocalypse?

During the 2010-2012 US election cycle I made a personal point that almost every news story out of the United States was after some fashion or another about how someone living in the wealthiest nation in the world in a time of plenty was in fact, a victim. It struck me just how fearful the people of this military power were; they would pass laws to protect themselves from (for example) regulating firearms, or sharia law, or immigration, all under the umbrella of the language of fear. Rhetoric was never soaring and hopeful, it was always in some way a warning, a threat, speaking to a victim. Then a handful of Navy SEALs invaded the home of a seventy year old grandfather and shot him in the face, and the country was so very happy. It seemed that the only thing that people in America didn’t fear was the people that they had shot and killed.

Well, now they’re afraid of people they’ve shot and killed.

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