DIY Army Stuff

Hey, c’mere.

So I have an idea for a war game, with the army designing, the analogue positioning, like, it’s meant to be sorta like Warhammer 40k, but instead of producing miniatures (which are expensive), using cards. The system I have in mind is kinda core to it, and avoids measurements, too – but I’m wondering about a few ideas.

Here, check out an example scrabble of a card.


Okay, so far so good. The thing with these cards is – see those ‘movement markers?’ They’re the ways you can move the unit. Units move by flipping over, in the direction marked on the unit. So this way, units can have three different ways to move – short little flips along one edge, longer flips along another edge, and longest flips going corner to corner.

Anyway, power, defence, rules text, org value – that’s all secondary. The thing that I want your opinion on, seriously, the thing that I’m thinking about is…

What if the card had a name field you could fill in, and the art was explicitly black-and-white so you could colour/customise your unit with markers?

Is that a ridiculous idea?

Would you want to customise your army to that extent?

Bear in mind this is a card game where you’d buy a deck of units, and you can only ever field about half of them in any individual skirmish. You are customising your army, to some extent.

Think you’d like to be able to customise them? Or would you rather more vibrant, clear art?

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