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A Game I Don’t Know How To Make

I was asked over on my patreon to consider how to make a game like:

A game that can, at least *sort of*, help people who may not be incredibly familiar with each other grow to know each other/grow closer.

Now, this is the kind of open prompt that can invite an answer that I think may feel a bit nice and homey but also, feels a bit of a bullshit dodge from me, the person providing the answer. Because, just as every game is educational, every game gives you an opportunity to understand someone, every game gives you a chance to grow to know someone else and get closer to them. And that’s true, but it’s meaninglessly true, it’s trivially true. If you asked that question, if you asked for that kind of game, then chances are telling you ‘the answer was inside you all along’ feels like I’m just avoiding the responsibility my implied expertise offers.

Plus, this person gives me money.

Which makes me feel decidedly assholey about bouncing on my responsibilities here.

With that in mind, I dedicated time to work out an answer to this kind of game idea, and I got an answer but it’s an answer my current skillset doesn’t really address. I think, knowing what I do about what webpages can do, that this is probably a game that a very skilled person could make run out of, like, a webpage, but I do not know how to approach it.

Let’s just talk about the game as a design and my mentality behind it.

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