Thing I like: QWERPline!

I listen to a bunch of podcasts and watch a lot of video media, and for some reason I’ve just wound up being a big fan of stuff from Canada. One thing I really like from Canada is this, Qwerpline, a surreal deep-cover comedy podcast about the local radio broadcast from Scenic Nsburg!

It’s hard to explain what Qwerpline is without just showing you, so here’s a playlist of all of it! I can say that as far as it goes, the first episode sets the tone for the whole series, and with only a little bit of adjustment, things are largely going to follow that. If you find the first episode makes you laugh? Check out the rest, it follows that arc. It’s got an itunes page if that’s what you’d like, too.

In other news, good grief, I’m kinda mad about how hard it is to find an official page to link to for Qwerpline? It’s really hard! I get it – the Loading Ready Run crew are kind of up to their eyeballs in things to make, which means it’s just easier to use Twitch or Youtube to sort your production? But it’d be nice to be able to point someone to Qwerpline’s page and just, y’know, say, ‘check that out!’

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