CACW Classwork – Dialogue!

Him:Is this her head?
Her:Oh, no, you’re looking for a blonde.
Him:I thought this was pretty blonde.
Her:That’s strawberry blonde. A variant of red.
Him:You know, that’s something I never quite worked out – why is the hair built in at this point?
Her:::no answer::
Him:I said, why is the hair built in? I mean, it’s all modular, why do you build in the hair before the head’s attached?
Her:::no answer::
Him:Since I mean, I can wear a wig, and you can wear a wig, why can’t she wear a wig?
Her:::no answer::
Him:I’m sorry, am I somehow boring you?
Her:I find it’s rarely worth broadcasting a response when I’m taking a shit.
Him:You find the alternative explanation interesting?
Her:Radio silence bothers you because you’re mad, not because you want to hear me pooping.
Her:Yes, mad. You’re madder than a box of frogs. If you think of madness as any particular variant on psychological normalcy, you are quite frankly batshit crazy. You hate your parents for dying on you, you hate your sister for not agreeing with you, you hate your foster parents for not hating you and you hate yourself for not dying heroically sometime when you thought enough of yourself to think yourself pretty, and now, you are bickering with me about whether or not you want to hear me flush. You are, as I’m sure you’re aware, quite, quite mad.
Him:That’s pretty fucking bold from a woman I’ve only known for a month.
Her:I knew you ten seconds after you opened your mouth. You’re pressed from a mould.
Him:… I have pretty much every right in the world to be direly offended at this point, you know.
Her:I do know, but you won’t be, because I’m basically the closest thing you have in the world to a friend.
Him:I’m going to ignore that.
Her:As demonstrated aptly by your bringing your dismissal to my attention. Found it yet?
Him:The head?
Her:Were you looking for something else?
Him:I don’t know, is my pursuit of the head somehow a demonstration of my inner psyche’s yawning need for approval?
Her:Do you think you need approval more than you need money?
Her:Point and match.
Him:It’s still strange. I recognise the value of the wholeness of appearance, I just don’t know why, you know, we haven’t come to a better system.
Her:You think like a guardsman, like an engineer. I’m an artist – and that’s why you’ve walked past my girls and boys all across the lower quarter and not once thought you weren’t looking at skin.
Him:You can say that, but I know. I always know.
Her:Such boldness would be better justified if I didn’t know why you’d been fired.
Him:… I think I’ve found it.
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