If I were Peter Molyneux 15

A game set in a high school academy styled after Persona 3 and the X-Men Evolution style private education system. The school is a training ground for future superheroes, ensuring that they have the moral fortitude and personal skill to handle the future power they will be handed, at the graduation ceremony. Your character has to do well on tests to graduate, but also defines their personality and style by how they interact with their fellow classmates. Each classmate awards you Friendship Points based on how well you appeal to them, personally.

The game only reports your Friendship points as one single unified stat, which reflects your general popularity with everyone. On the other hand, the player is actually reflecting beliefs and ideas to their fellow students, and if they start to provide conflicting or contradictory opinions to different students, the game tracks it.

The superpowers the character receives are based on their ‘true inner self.’ If the player character has a very high Friendship, and high values with everyone, as well as large numbers of contradictory opinions, the serum that gives them superpowers turns them into a cthuloid mass of tearing tentacles that can shapeshift into the form of humans – reflecting the utter sociopath the protaganist truly is.