Scope and Mass Effect

I’ve been pushing through one slice of the Mass Effect cake lately, which is part of why no reviews and no real discussion of games; any time I decide to sit down and talk about games, I figure ‘I should get onto that game I mean to finish,’ which means mostly, alt-tabbing away from Mass Effect and watching videos on youtube about movies I haven’t watched and why they’re morally bad.

Now I’ve completed Mass Effect pause consider add 1, I’m left wondering how exactly to approach commenting on it. Should I review it? I mean, it’s Mass Effect. It’s this past generation’s Halo, it’s the game franchise so massive it defined three whole seasons of game releases. It’s the reading man’s Call Of Duty. It’d be like reviewing the fucking weather, but there is plenty of stuff to say about the game experience that I enjoyed, or that annoyed me, or that stood out as being remarkable.

Worse, there are about maybe four tweet-size thoughts about the game, and there are things that stretch from one end of the franchise to the other. It’s hard to analyse, hard to discuss, because it’s hard to have a handle on the whole of the thing.

Still, Mass Effect.

It’s a game and it doesn’t cost much and it’s got lots of stuff in it. Some of that stuff is really bad, and some of that stuff is really good and I can’t help but feel the whole game would be better as a visual novel. I may do a full, in-depth review later.