Cat Burglar And Great Mouse Detective

Last night I had an idea for a place to start an anthology of light novels.

Each story is made up of two components; a detective style story from the perspective of a redheaded girl detective in a big coat and an apple cap. Her stories were classic, intrepid girl adventurer, detail-oriented cleverness, and follows her pursuing a thief that started in her home town.

The other side of the story is the thief, who keeps wanting to make a big score in a new town, but lets her moral sense and do-gooding interfere. Strawberry blonde, she’s always hankering for a chance at a big score but has to make do with scraps, because she keeps changing her plan to help take down a much worse evil in the area.

Also there’d be suspicions they were related (they’re not), and even be mistaken for one another, because in fiction, terms used to describe women are usually limited to hair colour and whether or not they’re particularly pretty or fat.

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