Announcing: The Disney Animated Canonball, Season Five!

It’s another odd-numbered month and that means we drop another full season of the Disney Animated Canonball! If you’re not familiar, this is a podcast where I, he/him, and Fox, she/her, watch all of the Disney Animated Canon, a project that seemed interesting forty five movies ago, before I realised how many of these movies are culturally-omnipresent dull slush.

After the Disney Rennaisance, we had a time of things at Disney. There’s an attempt to explore new technologies in the 3d Space, and attempts to present themselves as the greatest in traditional animation, and then don’t manage to stick the landing. There’s new ideas, new identity, and so many people getting nearly-fired, or definitely fired.

It also is a season that approaches even closer to our now, so a lot of the weird behaviour or awful ideas presented are being presented now, when people we think of as adults who grew up in a sensible time are getting to set the rules… and that’s not working out the way it should. The yikes takes on a different tenor as we have to accept that oh no, these people who are meant to be The Culture have awful ideas, like The Culture Itself does.

This season starts in 2000 with Fantasia 2000 and concludes in January 2009, with Bolt, covering 11 movies, which range from the best traditionally animated movie Disney ever made to three of the worst movies they’ve ever made, in a row. It’s ten and a half hours of hot hot podcast content, with kazoo themes and background dog sounds, all! For! You!

You can get the podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Pocket Casts, and any other good podcasting service that’s checking the standard RSS feeds? And failing that, you can head to the website.

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